COATED Inkjet Bond Wide Format Paper bond paper (usually rolls for wide format) that is especially coated rolls layering materials that act as color grabbers to stabilize the color ink as it is applied to the coated inkjet bond wide format paper. First it was the ‘Think JET’ by HP that began this travel for a better looking color outcome on the bond paper. Since the ThinkJet was the first of soon to become DesignJet printers and demand was high a more suitable reaction had to occur between the inks and the media (bond paper in this case) to allow a better more agreeable outcome to users.
Whom ever it was @ HP paper that thought to put CLAY on the paper was nothing short of a 20LB wide format paper genius. It was that attempt that became the 20-lb Inkjet Bond Paper Wide Format Paper bond paper we know today. Clay from Scarlett O’Hara’s Tara? Kinda, for Clay for Kaolin production leads to inkjet coated bond wide-format inkjet papers.

HP even called it Clay Paper for a time (like that would go over well with those expecting papyrus and poppy seed or perhaps hemp for paper – lol – the 60’s long hair triumph was over and it was the late 70’s and early 80’s. From a creek in the back yard of HP paper design, came a Hewlett Packard employee’s child from outside at play, wipes his hands on the HP roll Paper that was just rolled and sitting on the floor next to him and BAM creates a miracle called COATED inkjet bond wide format paper.

Ok perhaps it was not quite like that yet the genius was non the less someones child who began a paper rolled revolution that creates good looking inkjet wide format bond paper prints. After all, Charlies Angles could not have made poster for the wall history if it were not for the earthy clay that made Inkjet HP coated roll wide-format-paper 🙂 You know the rest of history – Hp papers became the benchmark to immolate, to follow, and today wide format printing has a bigger smile from it 🙂 Here are 20#lb COATED Inkjet Bond Wide Format Paper bond paper Standard Sizes today:) • 20#lb COATED Inkjet Wide Plotter Paper Bond Coated • Premium Coated Inkjet Bond Paper Large-Format Rolls & Sheets • Refer to 20-lb wide-format-paper-com +Wide-Format-Paper